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Petit Folks

App access to Jugar i moure's (Catalan)

App access to Jugar i moure's (Catalan)

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Does your school work with Petit Folks? You can have access to the content of the app where you will find the music and other resources to work on the songs at home! 

This access will allow you to get into the Jugar i moure's box content within the Playbox section of the app, indefinitely! All the content is in Catalan. Inside you will find: 

  • Songpedia (Cançopèdia): a section with information about each song, the lyrics, and activity ideas.
  • Files: drawings for printing and colouring and other downloadable and printable files related to some of the songs for arts and crafts activities.
  • Puzzle: the visual of the puzzle where the illustrations of the 16 songs appear.
  • Music: the 16 songs of each box*.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: currently there are 7 songs per box. The remaining songs, up to a total of 16, will be gradually added to the app by the end of June 2024

The app is a living space that continuously evolves with new activities as Petit Folks expands.

Ask your school for the code to access this purchase.

Once the purchase is made, access to the app will be activated in the next 48 hours.

If you prefer to purchase your Petit Folks Jugar i moure's box, which also grants access to the content of the app, you can use the same code to get a discount on the purchase. Discounts cannot be combined with other promotions.


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