Petit Folks

Bringing fun family time together through culturally-relevant free-screen playthings to accompany children in their first steps into speech and language development, both in their native language and in foreign languages, through the use of music and folk songs.

Petit Folks is designed to support children's developmental journey during early childhood. Through the use of music and repetition, it serves as a catalyst for language acquisition, nurturing growth in both their native tongue or foreign languages.

Designed as an evolving game, Petit Folks empowers children to gradually embrace independence as they mature. Initially, adults guide the song selection and sing along, but over time, children eagerly participate by choosing and handing the songs to the adults, ultimately blossoming into singing them independently. By the age of 5-6, children can confidently read the song cards, further enriching their language skills and fostering a sense of accomplishment.

The Plaything

This sustainable evolutive musical toy for speech, language and holistic development in children is based on a series of collectible boxes, each one with a different theme, available in different languages. Every Petit Folks box contains 16 song cards based on popular and folk nursery rhymes. 


    Petit Folks' song boxes are designed to be easily accessible for children, allowing them to choose their preferred songs and return them afterwards. The boxes should be positioned within reach of children to promote their autonomy and independence. Furthermore, the box's shape facilitates carrying them and stacking multiple boxes together, creating a collection when multiple boxes are acquired.


    Each box in Petit Folks contains 16 cards under the same theme and language. Each card represents a traditional children's song corresponding to that particular theme and language. One side of the card features a drawing depicting the song, while the other side displays the title and lyrics.

    When combined, the 16 drawings together create a visually captivating composition that can be assembled as a floor puzzle.


    Petit Folks creates a vibrant and captivating world that appeals to both children and adults. The characters transcend language barriers and thematic boundaries: they are transversal to all boxes, becoming trusted companions for children on their imaginative journeys.

    These characters represent diverse realities and break away from conventional norms or stereotypes, embracing uniqueness and celebrating individuality.


    Music is the playground of this plaything, and more specifically, folk songs. Catchy, repetitive, playful, known by everyone… they talk about each language’s cultural background and they were and are part of pop culture as well. They are timeless. Teachers use them as a great tool for different apprenticeships far from books or other rigid formats. So why don’t we do the same at home? 


    Our APP has been thought to give parents, teachers and caregivers a tool to access all content related to the songs and to provide additional content and updates from the brand. 

    The music, coloring pages to be downloaded and printed, ideas on how to play with each song... and much more!

  • Dancing Animals Petit Folks


    At Petit Folks we carefully select songs that align with our brand, and adapt them creating unique compositions that live in the app. Our neo-folk style blends traditional elements with indie and cool vibes, fostering a love for quality music in children. With a joyful and approachable style, we introduce diverse styles, rhythms, and instruments, aiming to cultivate critical appreciation while delighting young listeners with high-quality music experiences.


    Learning through manipulative and sensory play using our music and wooden card boxes.


    Promotes a richer and more complex language, stimulates memory, expression, intonation, vocalization, attention, and concentration.


    Encourages physical activity, motor skills, coordination, balance, body awareness, and stimulates the senses.


    Allows working with emotions, well-being, social interaction, effective bonding, and conveying feelings.


    Through music, illustrations, and our complementary activities and resources.


    Encourages early recognition and visual and conceptual association, empowering children to express their preferences.


    In addition to sustainability, it promotes inclusion and diversity in illustrations and song selection and adaptation.