Themed Boxes with Songs: Petit Folks' Proposal of Wooden Educational Toys

Themed Boxes with Songs: Petit Folks' Proposal of Wooden Educational Toys

A Natural Alternative to Screens

In today's digital age, mothers and fathers are seeking different options for their children to learn without the need to be in front of a screen. Wooden educational toys are an ideal solution for little ones to develop and enhance all their skills. If we add music, we have an exceptional learning tool. Petit Folks' wooden educational toys combine music and learning, two essential elements for early childhood development.


Multi-sensory Learning

Petit Folks offers a series of collectible boxes based on traditional children's songs, aimed at girls and boys aged 1 to 6 years. Each box contains 16 illustrated cards with songs, presented in a visually appealing format that encourages early recognition.

The combination of the natural texture of wood with the sound of music provides a multi-sensory experience, which is crucial for cognitive development in early childhood. Touching and manipulating the toys while listening to music activates multiple areas of the brain, reinforcing neural connections.


Can Petit Folks Boxes Foster Speech Learning in Various Languages?

The illustrations on the cards not only capture the attention of little ones but also serve as tools for developing speech and language, both in their native language and in foreign languages.


Music and popular songs used by Petit Folks act as a catalyst for language acquisition. The repetition of melodies and lyrics helps children internalize new words and grammatical structures in a playful and effective manner with these wooden educational toys. By singing and listening to songs, children improve their pronunciation and comprehension, and develop social skills by sharing these moments with their parents and friends, in their family environment, or at school.


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