The Musical Maestros of Petit Folks

The Musical Maestros of Petit Folks

Orchestrating Melodies for Little Ones

At Petit Folks, we believe in the transformative power of music, and our commitment to crafting a magical musical experience for children is led by a team of talented individuals. Let us introduce the masterminds behind the captivating sounds of Petit Folks, as well as their dedication to incorporating diverse voices and languages to enrich the musical journey.

Violeta Tello Grau: Hailing from Barcelona, Violeta Tello Grau is a poet, singer, composer, and music educator. With a strong background in musicology from UAB and advanced studies in composition at Taller de Músics, Violeta embarked on a remarkable exploration of women composers. Her passion culminated in the release of her debut album, "Música Bruja" (2019), produced in collaboration with the acclaimed Víctor Valiente Hernández. Their close partnership flourished, giving rise to the mesmerizing albums "CINTA vol.1" (2021) and "CINTA vol.2" (2022), receiving high praise from national critics. Complementing her musical creations, Violeta actively contributes to the Gamelan Barasvara, a percussion orchestra dedicated to Indonesian music in Barcelona. She also leads the artistic direction of Suona Pongiluppi, a musicological project focused on reviving the Italian-Catalan musical heritage. With her versatility as an educator, Violeta has enriched the musical sensitivity of students in various schools, specializing in music awareness in children.

Violeta Tello - Kid

Photo from Violeta's family album. 

Víctor Valiente Hernández: Also born in Barcelona, Víctor Valiente Hernández is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer. Having gained valuable experience as a musician before, Víctor Valiente Hernández honed his skills at the prestigious Escola Superior del Taller de Músics. This journey led him to his final project, "ANela," a monodrama for soprano and electronics based on Víctor Català's "La infanticida." As a seasoned musician, Víctor has performed with renowned bands such as Standstill, Mi Capitán, Sidonie, Love of Lesbian, and Mucho, showcasing his versatility across different genres. Operating from his own creative space, Estudios Valiente in Raval (Barcelona), Víctor has arranged, recorded, and produced singles and albums for notable artists including Albert Lax, Violeta Tello Grau, Elle Leon, Joel García, The Crab Apples or Adela Valeriana among others.

Victor Valiente - kid

Photo from Victor's family album. 

Enriching Voices and Pronunciation: While Violeta Tello Grau and Víctor Valiente Hernández are the creative forces behind Petit Folks' music, we also understand the importance of incorporating diverse voices to provide an enriching and inclusive musical experience. In line with our commitment to celebrate different cultures and languages, we are actively collaborating with additional profiles who bring their unique vocal talents and linguistic expertise. By including native speakers, we ensure the proper pronunciation of songs in different languages, fostering an authentic connection with the music for children and parents alike. This diverse collaboration enhances the overall musical output, creating a tapestry of melodies that resonate with a global audience.

Through the harmonious collaboration of Violeta Tello Grau and Víctor Valiente Hernández, Petit Folks' musical journey is enriched with depth, creativity, and joy. Drawing from their extensive experience in creating captivating music for adults, they bring a commitment to producing high-quality music that transcends age boundaries. Their artistic vision, expertise, and passion set the foundation for a magical experience, capturing the hearts of children and parents alike. With the addition of diverse voices and native speakers, we ensure the authenticity of each language and proper pronunciation, providing a wholesome and inclusive musical adventure. Together, we strive to create a musical world where children can explore, learn, and embrace the beauty of different styles of high-quality music, all while enjoying the enchanting sounds of Petit Folks. 

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