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Discovering the Power of Petit Folks

Petit Folks, a Journey of Learning and Bonding through Music

Music has always been a powerful tool for learning and connecting with others. Petit Folks is an innovative game designed to accompany language development and foster emotional and social connections. It goes beyond the traditional roles of parents, caregivers, and teachers, also involving siblings, cousins, classmates, and friends.

Songs for All Ages

Regardless of their age, children can enjoy singing along to the songs featured in Petit Folks. Moreover, the accompanying mobile app provides age-appropriate activities for each song, ensuring an engaging and educational experience.

An Evolving Game

Petit Folks is a game that grows and evolves alongside the child. It begins even before birth, as parents are encouraged to sing to their unborn child, establishing a bond through the familiarity of their voices. With the help of the Petit Folks cards, parents can start with the suggested songs, continuing the musical connection after the baby is born. Through the sounds, gestures, touch, and gaze, the parent-child relationship is further strengthened.

The Power of Storytelling

As months go by, parents will notice a change in how their child responds to the songs. The child may listen more attentively, clap, or move to the rhythm of the music. It is an innate response that demonstrates the power of music in their development.

With time, around the age of two, children may begin to request specific songs. They will independently choose a song card from the collection, expressing their desire for their parent to sing and engage with them. This shared musical experience becomes a captivating spectacle for both parent and child.

As the child reaches the age of three, they may assert their independence by saying, "No, I can do it alone." They might request to play with the songs in a different way, such as assembling a puzzle in the order of the songs or searching for their song card within a pre-arranged puzzle.

By the age of four, the child seeks to relive these intimate moments with the adult. These moments become cherished memories, returning them to the safety and comfort of their caregiver's arms.

Around five or six years old, children can begin to read the titles on the song cards, recognizing familiar letters and words. They no longer sing from memory but rather read the words they have previously sung aloud. This remarkable milestone in their growth becomes a source of pride and self-awareness.

The Beauty of Guided Learning

What sets Petit Folks apart is that it empowers children to lead their adult companions on this journey of continuous learning, adapting to their evolving needs and interests.

Learning without realizing that one is learning—isn't that what life is all about?

Petit Folks opens a world of learning and bonding through music. It provides a platform for parents, caregivers, and educators to create meaningful connections with children of all ages. The game not only enriches language development but also nurtures emotional connections, fostering a love for music and lifelong learning. All of this makes it a beautiful gift. With Petit Folks, learning, growing, and living become a harmonious and joyful experience.

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