Nurturing Inclusivity and Diversity

Nurturing Inclusivity and Diversity

Teaching Values to Our Children

As parents, we carry a profound responsibility to shape the values and beliefs of our children. Our own experiences and perspectives influence how we perceive the world, and sometimes, it can be challenging to shed the baggage we carry. However, it is crucial for us to challenge ourselves, to embrace a different perspective, and provide our children with a more inclusive and diverse upbringing.

Seeing through the Eyes of Innocence

Children possess a remarkable gift – they are born with open hearts and minds, free from prejudices and misconceptions. They are like blank slates, ready to absorb the world around them. As parents, we have a unique opportunity to provide them with references that reflect the true diversity and inclusivity of our society.

The Power of Representation

To instill values of inclusivity and diversity in our children, we must ensure that they are exposed to toys, music, books, and media that accurately represent different cultures, ethnicities, abilities, and backgrounds. These representations become the building blocks for their understanding of the world and shape their perceptions of others.

Enter Petit Folks: A Journey of Inclusion and Representation

Recognizing the importance of providing children with diverse and inclusive experiences, Petit Folks endeavors to create an inclusive game that celebrates all living beings and realities. It aims to be a game where everyone feels represented and safe.

Acknowledging Our Imperfections

As humans, we are aware that we may make mistakes along the way. Despite our best intentions, there may be areas where we fall short or could have done better. However, we are committed to continuously improving and learning from these experiences. Petit Folks is an evolving project, and we strive to ensure that it keeps growing in its inclusivity and diversity.

The Role of Continuous Effort

Selecting songs, portraying characters and scenes, and addressing various themes in the game are ongoing endeavors. We will continually seek new ways to make Petit Folks a game that embraces and celebrates diversity in all its forms. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone can see themselves reflected and feel a sense of belonging.

Teaching by Example

As parents, it is crucial for us to lead by example. By embracing inclusivity and diversity in our own lives and interactions, we demonstrate the values we want our children to adopt. Let us engage in meaningful conversations, challenge our biases, and be open to learning from different perspectives.


Teaching our children the values of inclusivity and diversity is an ongoing journey that requires conscious effort and self-reflection. Petit Folks aims to be a part of this journey by providing an inclusive and diverse game experience, but it acknowledges its own imperfections and commits to continuous improvement.

As parents, let us strive to create an environment where our children see themselves as part of a beautifully diverse and inclusive world. Together, we can nurture future generations who embrace differences, treat others with respect and kindness, and build a society where everyone feels valued and included.

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