And now the much-awaited (and feared) summer break has arrived.

And now the much-awaited (and feared) summer break has arrived.

If you're like me... you probably look forward to summer vacation almost as much as you fear it. It's a time to enjoy with family, but also a time of increased physical and mental load. Mainly because the little ones break from their routines, the days get longer, meals become more relaxed... and what happens to all the learning?

Summer is for relaxing and learning in different ways. With fewer rules. But that doesn't mean we can't find moments to create new routines (or remember the old ones), to relax at home, to bond... and that's where children's songs can help. Not only as a form of play and emotional connection, but also to continue working, always through play, on different areas of their development and, above all, to reinforce language with a screen-free game.

Have you tried it? I incorporate these little moments of play daily, during diaper changes, before going to school, before dinner... and it works great for us! In our app, you'll find tips on how to play with each song. Dare to try it and let me know.

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